It explores the exclusive one-to-one encounter, where performer and participant create a unique performative experience together. inhabitant invites the audience to an exploratory self-discovery journey.

"Dive into a new way of experiencing and interacting with the world around and within you. Let your imagination flow and take you through an unconceivable journey. Allow your diverse senses and your intellect to reinterpret reality, make the complexity of the self perceptible and give you a new perspective and insight.
Join the game!"

Concept and direction: Meritxell Aumedes
Performers: Meritxell Aumedes and Malika Ali
Thanks to Jennie Rydén, Christer Rydén and Space Production

"I felt totally safe and generously taken care of (...) Fantastic work! Fantastic experience!"
"I sensed my own body and system in a new way (...) Going into a secret world, being taken care of (...)"
"...that playfulness and joy took over me. I trusted this experience and tried to be open. (...) Thank you, it was a nice journey into myself."
"Walking around here and finding new quests has been so lovely, and scary. I really loved the meeting with the performer. Intimate, secure and inviting. That was a very nice travel, together with her and towards my stressed and worried inside. Thank you!"
"I also left my boundaries, a need to control myself and found joy, play - my inner game started. (...) Through the game is easier to discover truth. Everything seems less real, and makes acceptance more acceptable. What an inspiration!"
"Really unique experience."
"I feel the need of experiencing the 'ordinary' in different ways."

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