We are surrounded by sounds: sounds that travel in waves through the air, sounds whose frequency and intensity we measure. They pass through us. They disturb us or south us. They bring joy, but also discomfort. Researchers believe that sound can do much more than influence our mood. Sounds and music have healing powers. What happens inside us as frequencies repeat? What happens if the frequency changes?

Meritxell Aumedes layers the video projections for FREKVENS in two dimensions. On the floor, the fluid shapes previously created with ferrofluid by the vibrations of sound on different frequencies, move under the feet of the dancers. The images projected on the back wall help creating an urge, where the visualization of time and sound becomes perceptible. After giant head shots where the performers talk about their thoughts on the duality of mind and spirit, finally the image of a naked body covers the entire stage floor and slowly little red lentils falling from the projection above cover the body that lays below.

Choreographer, Composer: Peter Svenzon
Choreography Assistant: Ulriqa Fernqvist
Set, Costume Design: Thomas Björk
Lighting Design: Lutz Deppe
Video Design: Meritxell Aumedes Molinero
Dancers: Anna Altès, Janine Koertge, Toby Kassell, Pascal Marty, Lee-Yuan Tu
Musician: Staffan Svensson
In the frame of the program Mind & Spirit by Adolphe Binder

A documentation from the full performance can be viewed here.

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