COME SEE THE WORLD shows the diversity of the GoteborgsOperans Danskompani, consisting of dancers from sixteen different nationalities. The piece looks like a mirror reflecting the city of Gothenburg and our globalized world. With Betancor's music composed exclusively for the film, it picks up on the movement of the city and places it in the original frame of the urban landscape. The gathering of a global village with one goal: dance.

Concept, Camera, Editing: Meritxell Aumedes Molinero
Music: Betancor
Lighting: Tilo Stengel
Dancers: Satoko Takahashi, Chiaki Horita, Israel Aloni, Hildur Óttarsdóttir, Anandi Vinken, Toby Kassell, Moritz Ostruschnjak, David Wilde, Danielle De Vries, Ingeborg Zackariassen, Jérôme Delbey, Erik Johansson, Therese Frederiksson, Delphine Boutet

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