"Meritxell Aumedes Molinero is a versatile artist whose work brings to a new level of significance the combination between dance, performance and visual arts, to explore the notions of time, reality and experience. (...) she unveils the twofold nature of human limbic parameters, inviting the viewers to rethink about their perceptual categories and drawing them into the liminal area in which opposite ideas and sensations find an unexpected point of convergence. One of the most convincing aspects of Aumedes Molinero's work is the way she subverts the relationships between elements belonging to universal imagery to create a concrete aesthetic from experience and memories: we are very pleased to introduce our readers to her refined artistic production."
ART Habens, Dario Rutigliano and Barbara Scott, curators
Born in Barcelona, Aumedes obtained her dance diploma at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Germany) in 2000 and worked until 2011 as a dancer with a multitude of international choreographers.
During her studies she started dancing in Tanzforum with Jochen Ulrich. After her graduation Meritxell worked at Theater Dortmund with choreographers like Mei Hong Lin, Nils Christe and Birgit Scherzer. Following she moved to the Saarländisches Staatstheater, where she worked with Marguerite Donlon and choreographers such as Marco Goecke, Constanza Macras, Helena Waldmann, Itzik Galili, Rafael Bonachela, Stephan Thoss, Jirí Killián, Paul Lightfoot & Sol León, Christian Spuck, Martino Muller, Mirko Guido, Loïc Perela, Caroline Finn, Idan Cohen, Sommer Ulrickson, Dan Pelleg & Marco E. Weigert or Teresa Rottemberg.
Parallel to her dance career she studied Multimedia at the Open University in Barcelona (Spain) and continues creating video works for stage, dance films and installations. Since 2016 Aumedes holds a Master of Fine Arts in Contemporary Performative Arts from the Gothenburg University (Sweden), where she wrote a thesis about her research in experiencing performance through sensory exploration focused on one-to-one performative encounters.
In the last years Meritxell has specialized in immersive and site-specific performances, creating works with a strong sensorial focus and giving special attention to the relation and interaction between audience and performers. Her interest in examining the different possibilities of intimate performative encounters brought her to develop one-to-one and intimate performances in site-specific locations like a sauna or hotel rooms.

Besides her artistic work in the performing and visual arts, Aumedes runs since 2011 a company specialized in filming and editing dance: eyemotionaL

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