rûaḥ: (female Hebrew onomatopoetic expression that mimics the sound of the wind or a breath).


In an oscillation of waves between tension and release, Aumedes portrays the moment of letting go after an intense experience, exploring the state of "calmness after the storm".

She uses a bed as a metaphoric space of encounter for birth and death, pain and pleasure, a place where life can often start and end. This "silent space" works in juxtaposition to the memories and sounds it is connected to.

In a cycle without a beginning or an end, rûaḥ reflects upon primal feelings of the human condition.



Gothenburg (SE) // Röda Sten / Prosperos Slott // Nov. 2014

Malmö (SE) // Paladium  / Future Legends // Feb. 2015

Stockholm (SE) // Studio44 / Stockholm Fringe Festival // Sep. 2015

Salvador da Bahia (BR) // Goethe Institut / Aus welchem Holz bist du geschnitzt (in collaboration with Adolphe Binder) // Dec. 2016

Wuppertal (DE) // Kunststation (special collaboration with Eckehard Lowisch) / WOGA // Nov. 2018


Audiovisual Installation by and with Meritxell Aumedes



Read a Future Legends interview to Meritxell Aumedes here





"This work seems to reveal unconventional aesthetics in the way it deconstructs and assembles memories in a collective imagery, to draw the viewer into a process of self-reflection."


Dario Rutigliano and Melissa C. Hilborn, ART Habens


"Simplicity with great power."


Paula Lindblom, Blogger artist